Total transaction volume of China's real estate market during the 2020 COVID-19

  • Last Update:December,15,2020 Created:December,15,2020
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Title of the dataset Total transaction volume of China's real estate market during the 2020 COVID-19
Provenance of the dataset SouFun, the biggest real estate website in China
How were the data collected/created? What was the cost? The weekly and monthly reports provided by the website are free and visible to all
Data sharing policy With specific people.
Data sharing policy

About data analysis and simulation

Type of data: Check all that apply. Use "Other" to specify other types so that we can include them in further updates. series table
Variable labels of dataset (the names of the variables) Time (year, month, day),region (province, city),developer,property type,transaction area,transaction amount,existing stock
Outline of data During the 2020 COVID-19,the total amount of real estate transactions showed a downward trend. And in 2020, the supply of real estate will far exceed the demand. According to the current sales rate, the existing housing stock needs to be sold out for more than 36 months.
Simulation process No data simulation was carried out, and the analysis was based on the data available for download on the website.
Expected outcome of the process (obtained knowledge, analysis results, output of tools) First, calculate the average monthly flow rate (sales volume) based on the monthly turnover area in 2020, and then divide the current market stock by the current flow rate to obtain the inventory sales ratio (how many months of existing houses still need to be sold)
Anticipation for analyses/simulations other than the typical ones provided above We can still analyze which developer has the highest flow rate in a certain period of time? What type of property is it? And the reasons behind the data? Through the downloadable reports, select the projects of different developers, and calculate the flow rate of each developer separately according to the calculation method mentioned above.


What kind of data/tools do you wish to have? Websites with access to historical property data
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