job hunting network data (based on linked-in website)

  • 作成日:2019年10月29日 最終更新日:2019年10月29日
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データジャケットの題名 job hunting network data (based on linked-in website)
データの所在・所有者 website "linked-in"
データ収集方法やコスト scraping/ human power cost to proramming
データの共有について 条件により共有可(必要に応じて交渉)
データの共有について (その他を選ばれた方) It's highly confidential because it's so personal data.


データの種類 テキスト 数値 時系列
データの変数(パラメーター)の変数名 company name| candidates past career| salary| accept the offer or not|
データの概要説明 Linked-in is the website for job hunting and business networking. On that website there are so important information about business. For example, job hunting candidates professional ability and company needs for human resource. Using this data, I would like to extract most attractive skills in current job hunting market.
想定しているデータの分析・シミュレーションプロセス I will Scrape text in the website linked-in. (e.g. company name, candidate name, candidate expertise, past career,etc) Then, I will conduct network relation analysis ,for example,which company wants which expertise.
想定しているデータの分析・シミュレーションプロセスの結果 (データ分析結果/ツールの出力/典型例など) I will scrape the data form linked-in and it shows which company want which kind of expertise. It also make it clear that transition of required expertise in job hunting market.
上記の分析・シミュレーションプロセス以外に期待する分析 In these days, IT technology especially machine learning engineers are so competitive because of AI booming. People who have a high expertise in IT industry are presumably evaluated so high.


入手したいデータ/ツール programming language e.g.)python,server for rapid calculation