average number passengers a day using the Yamanote Line

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データジャケットの題名 average number passengers a day using the Yamanote Line
データの所在・所有者 JR East, and any purchasers
データ収集方法やコスト The data is collected by tracking the number of entrances, whether by paper ticket or IC card, through the fare gates.
データの共有について 研究目的において共有可
データの共有について (その他を選ばれた方) perhaps this data can be shared for research purposes regarding traffic and how to create better public transportation


データの種類 グラフ 数値 時系列
データの変数(パラメーター)の変数名 month | year | avg number of passengers
データの概要説明 This data contains the monthly average number of passengers entering a station on the Yamanote Line in one day. There is a data point for each month (January, February, etc.) for the past 10 years (1999 - 2019), organized by each station on the line.
想定しているデータの分析・シミュレーションプロセス We may want to use some simulation to estimate how many people will be using the Yamanote Line during big events such as the Olympics. We want to analyze why certain times of the year may have more or less passengers. We may also want to see how population change in Tokyo has affected the usage of the Yamanote Line.
想定しているデータの分析・シミュレーションプロセスの結果 (データ分析結果/ツールの出力/典型例など) If there are past events we can correlate with more or less traffic in the Yamanote Line, it may be possible to predict how certain events will affect the traffic in the future.
上記の分析・シミュレーションプロセス以外に期待する分析 Predicting which stations will have more traffic may also allow for analysis concerning when and where to place advertisements in train stations.


入手したいデータ/ツール an easy way to input a station and see its past history of average ridership, using the data from my dataset