Step count function in a smartphone

  • 作成日:2019年07月08日 最終更新日:2019年07月08日
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データジャケットの題名 Step count function in a smartphone
データの所在・所有者 Me
データ収集方法やコスト Calculated by M12 chip inside an iPhone, and visualized by iOS. Collected by myself, manually.
データの共有について 研究目的において共有可
データの共有について (その他を選ばれた方) Can be used for free when doing: research, compare with similar dataset, but do not make it public.


データの種類 数値 時系列
データの変数(パラメーター)の変数名 average step numbers(by month), time(month), distance
データの概要説明 The data is my step numbers counted by my cell phone in a period of time (from 2019.1.15 to now). The data is produced by my cell phone(iPhone XR, iOS 12) every day as long as I take it and go for a walk. But when I go out with my friends and walk the same distance. I realized that the number is decided by the brand of the phone in some aspects. For example, Huawei's phones running Android OS are easy to have a very high step count, while iPhone running iOS tends to have fewer count. So the data are collected for helping cell phone factories to make the counters more accurater.
想定しているデータの分析・シミュレーションプロセス Ask one person to walk 2 km with some different brands' phones and a step counter which is absolutely accurate comparing with cell phones. Then compare the difference step numbers. Actually, as far as I'm concerned, iPhones tend to have fewer steps than Android phones, but I don't know which group is right.
想定しているデータの分析・シミュレーションプロセスの結果 (データ分析結果/ツールの出力/典型例など) Obtain the explanations of these 2 questions: 1. Is iPhones' step counter more accurate or Android phones' ? 2. Is there any way to help the smartphone factories improve the accuracy?
上記の分析・シミュレーションプロセス以外に期待する分析 Compare and analyze to create a new way to help improve the step count function in a smartphone.