Hard to find some 24h restaurant and get a taxi in tokyo

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Title of the dataset Hard to find some 24h restaurant and get a taxi in tokyo
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Outline of data As a foreigner, we can find a lot of 24h Macdonald or KFC in our country, but here in tokyo, if I wanna eat some hamburgers in the midnight, it's impossible because most of the fast-food restaurants are closed even at 10 o'clock. We have no choice but to buy the bento in the convenience shop but actually not every foreigner like the bento. As? Tokyo Olympics comes, many foreigners from western country will arrive at Tokyo, the most big problem for them is the dietary problems, cause it's unreasonable for them to go the Japanese traditional tavern 'Izakaya' to order food. In addition, nowadays, it's is very common to call a taxi through the application of the smartphone, for instance, in China, we got 'Didi'. Uber is used for calling private cars, which,however, is not that popular in Japan. But in my view, at least,? an application like Chinese company DiDi, which is used for calling the taxi drivers, should be applied to Japan Market to resolve the inconvenience to get a taxi in the midnight. Placed in some unfamous streets, we can barely see a car pass through, let alone the taxi.
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