the air traffic data in Japan 日本の航空交通量データ

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Title of the dataset the air traffic data in Japan 日本の航空交通量データ
Provenance of the dataset
How were the data collected/created? What was the cost? It was collected by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Tranpsport, but I don't know the means. 国語交通省によって集められたが、手法は分からない。
Data sharing policy Other
Data sharing policy

About data analysis and simulation

Type of data: Check all that apply. Use "Other" to specify other types so that we can include them in further updates. number series table
Variable labels of dataset (the names of the variables) TIME時間|THE NUMBER OF AIRPLANES IN SERVICE運行飛行機数|THE NUMBER OF PASSENGERS乗客数
Outline of data It concludes the air traffic data of each year in Japan.日本における各年の航空交通量データ
Simulation process time series analysis 時系列解析
Expected outcome of the process (obtained knowledge, analysis results, output of tools) Japanese economy is said to recover from a depression lately. We can find the relationship between the forecast of the economy and the air traffic data. 日本経済は近頃、不況から回復しているといわれている。経済予測と航空交通データの関係性を見出せるかもしれない。
Anticipation for analyses/simulations other than the typical ones provided above


Comments The rule of the data is ambiguous on the web site, so we should ask the agency about the rule if we publish the analysis result. ウェブサイト上でデータに関する規約が曖昧なので、解析結果を公開するなら、規約に関して機構に問い合わせるべき。
What kind of data/tools do you wish to have?
Visualized information
Sample data
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