Weight loss/gain in Hostel

  • Last Update:January,3,2015 Created:January,3,2015
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Title of the dataset Weight loss/gain in Hostel
Provenance of the dataset
How were the data collected/created? What was the cost? Cost will be only the consent of persons under observation. Every month or say bi-weekly we can weigh the weights of subject, and record them
Data sharing policy Other
Data sharing policy

About data analysis and simulation

Type of data: Check all that apply. Use "Other" to specify other types so that we can include them in further updates. text number series table
Variable labels of dataset (the names of the variables) CHANGE|ID|TIME_STAMP|NAME|WEIGHT
Outline of data Mess food and all other parameters lead to varying habits and thus leads to change in weights. Some persons gain weight while others loose.
Simulation process
Expected outcome of the process (obtained knowledge, analysis results, output of tools) When all the data of all subjects are analysed we can infer the living standards and then try to improve or justify the current settings
Anticipation for analyses/simulations other than the typical ones provided above


What kind of data/tools do you wish to have?
Visualized information
Sample data

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