MoDAT papers

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データジャケットの題名 MoDAT papers
データの所在・所有者 To be distributed on the site of ICDM2013
データ収集方法やコスト Papers were submitted from researchers interested in this topic. Among 18 submissions, 11 were finally to be selected for presentation and one was invited.
データの共有について その他
データの共有について (その他を選ばれた方)


データの種類 グラフ テキスト
データの概要説明 In order to make a social environment where analysts and decision makers in active businesses and sciences can be provided with data they need, in this workshop we aim to (re)design an environment called the Market of Data, where each user or provider of data can understand the value of each part of data so that one can buy/sell it for a reasonable price (price=0 means opened free). Here, the value of each part of data shall be visualized to aid users' considering and discussing - with hard negotiation - its possible contribution to promoting/creating businesses and scientific findings. ? Furthermore, it is noteworthy that data scientists need to import techniques from others, but the techniques are not easy to learn from experts dealing with different kinds of data, because the similarity between data is not always obvious. The similarity between latent dynamics behind data is also desired to be represented in such a way as visualizing distances among structural features of data for aiding the choice of success/failure cases of data mining to learn from. Here is the set of papers for this topic, contributed from relevant aspects: data analysis, data synthesis, skills for them, businesses, cognition, and other human factors.
想定しているデータの分析・シミュレーションプロセス tools of text mining and visualisation TETDM KeyGraph (R) IdeaGraph other typical tools for data mining
想定しているデータの分析・シミュレーションプロセスの結果 (データ分析結果/ツールの出力/典型例など) all output should be in the brain of each participant
上記の分析・シミュレーションプロセス以外に期待する分析 Find links of unexpected relevance across scietific and business domains


自由記述 It looks like different from the Japanese DJ ... in the Japanese version, the inpu and output variables have been unified... but it is too late not, go ahead with this version. However, you should add some explanation for contributors for escaping their confusion.