What is IMDJ (Innovators Marketplace on Data Jackets)!?

Brief introduction

IMDJ is a workshop method for discovering data utilization scenarios. Participants describe their own data in Data Jacket (DJ) format to make others understand the content of the data, and discuss how to solve familiar issues and social issues utilizing that data.

In details...

IMDJ can be divided into three major steps:

STEP 1. Present Requirements (Requests, issues, problems, ...)
STEP 2. Create Solutions (Ideas, knowledge, designs, service, system, ...)
STEP 3. Evaluation Solutions

In STEP 1, participants will present the issues and requirements that they have. The issues and requirements here can be described regardless of your social position and written in simple words. A request that "I want to go home safely at night" is a good example that is familiar to women and children. Requirements are described on a yellow sticky note.

In STEP2, participants combine DJs to propose a solution scenario that meets the requirements presented in STEP1. As an example, let's consider a scenario that solves the above-mentioned request "I want to go home safely at night". If you have DJs of "Public Data on Google Maps" and "Data on Street Lights", you can combine these DJs to create a solution scenario: "Develop an application that proposes a bright route." The solution scenarios are described on a blue sticky note.
However, existing DJs are often not enough for meeting requests. There is a wide variety of data in the world that have not yet described as DJ. In addition, there are important events that have not yet been obtained as data. In such a case, it is possible to add and use the necessary data for realizing solution scenarios. Additional DJs are described on the red sticky.

In STEP 3, participants evaluate the solution scenarios proposed in STEP 2. Evaluation is performed by virtual bills. The price of the solution scenario is established by the negotiation. Let's actively carry out price negotiations!

The Purpose

In “What is a data jacket?”, we mentioned that by visualizing the Data Jacket relationship, participants can start “business talks”. IMDJ is a workshop method to enliven and smoothly carry out this "business negotiation".

Well then ...

Online IMDJ workshop is available. Let's try out the IMDJ on the trial page, and organize the workshop. Click here for a detailed explanation of the operation method.