Personal data of Japanese 1st year university students who did WAIS-III IQ test

  • Last Update:December,17,2020 Created:December,17,2020
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Title of the dataset Personal data of Japanese 1st year university students who did WAIS-III IQ test
Provenance of the dataset Hospitals who offer WAIS-III IQ test, high schools, cram schools, MEXT
How were the data collected/created? What was the cost? From Questionnaire, IQ test results and data owned by educational institutions
Data sharing policy Shareable for research purpose
Data sharing policy

About data analysis and simulation

Type of data: Check all that apply. Use "Other" to specify other types so that we can include them in further updates. graph text number table
Variable labels of dataset (the names of the variables) Full-scale IQ | Verbal IQ | Performance IQ | Students' university ranks | Study hours | Study days per week | Sleeping hours per day | Eating habits | Ways to relax alone | Ways to relax with friends | High school ranks | Cram school ranks | Parents' annual income
Outline of data 1st year university students' personal data including their WAIS-III IQ test results, study habits, daily habits and their university ranks. These data will be used to examine whether correlation between a student's IQ and his/her academic ability exists, and calculate the correlation coefficient between IQ and academic ability.
Simulation process To quantitatively and qualitatively analyze the relationship among dataset by using data-mining
Expected outcome of the process (obtained knowledge, analysis results, output of tools)
Anticipation for analyses/simulations other than the typical ones provided above Besides IQ, if there are also other factors that are correlated to students' academic abilities, I want to clarify them.


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