Travel locations based on people interests with respect to the period of travel

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データジャケットの題名 Travel locations based on people interests with respect to the period of travel
データの所在・所有者 Shruti Prakash
データ収集方法やコスト Surveys and travel agency data
データの共有について 一般的に共有してよい
データの共有について (その他を選ばれた方)


データの種類 テキスト 時系列 画像
データの変数(パラメーター)の変数名 date|time|temperature|start destination|end destination|travel period|cost
データの概要説明 I will use the data to segregate the possible locations based on the feasibility to travel in a particular season and to understand the rush periods. If someone wants to avoid the highly crowded spaces they can go during the off season or find out available spaces based on their requirement during the period of travel.
想定しているデータの分析・シミュレーションプロセス no simulation / no simulation
想定しているデータの分析・シミュレーションプロセスの結果 (データ分析結果/ツールの出力/典型例など) The travel options available to an individual/ group to pick based on their period of travel. Based on the inputs of a traveller customised output is created to understand to the complete requirement of the traveller. Further modifications can be made based on user specifications.
上記の分析・シミュレーションプロセス以外に期待する分析 Segregation of the locations based on the initial inputs from the traveller. Based on the initial information on the variables a customisation will be created for a particular user. With modifications the fend result can be reached by a particular user for their choice of travel.


自由記述 These is an additional method of segregation to the current travel platforms for more advanced and specific information.
入手したいデータ/ツール Table format for comparison between destinations. A rating system based on the input values to predict the most viable options. A further checklist which can modify the current list and enabling the user in making a final choice with the specific inputs.